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Disaster Prevention in SCADA, telecommunications rooms, data centers, UPS, ATM...

Today the majority of disasters in its facilities and equipment can be prevented in time if we have an appropriate solution for you to monitor, detect and take immediate action to avoid them.

We have a range of solutions for the monitoring of safety and environment variables which will enable it to prevent disaster in your datacenter, Telecommunications rooms, Generators, UPS, ATMs and buildings in general as part of their critical systems. deBarr distributes and installs AKCP Inc. solutions who is the oldest manufacturer of  SNMP based environmental and safety monitoring. AKCP devices can take immediate action in case detection alarms, send emails and SMS / MMS, activate audible alarms, turn off or on equipment and to record images and video of the area where the event is happening.

These devices allow the recording and graphing real-time data from different sensors and also allow other systems to be integrated network management of your company that support SNMP protocol as OpenNMS, Nagios and others. Installation is easy thanks to AKCP intelligent sensors, which are automatically detected by the principal device.  In addition will provide support in all phases of your project.
No special software is required for programming and operation. You only need a web explorer and you'll get an friendly user interface.
Also, if you have Internet connection,  at any time and place you can connect remotely to the system in real time to verify what is happening!

•  Reduce Accidents
•  Reduce downtime and improve availability losses associated with early notification of potential problems and speed up repair times if a failure occurs
•  Easy to Implement
•  Improvement in the satisfaction of employees and executives because of the advance notification
Applications Sensors  Notifications and actions
  • Computer Centers
  • UPS, Generators
  • Telecommunication Rooms
  • Network devices
  • ATM
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cold Storage and Food Industry
  • Warehouses
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Real Estate
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water
  • Movement
  • Dry contacts
  • Audio Level
  • Energy
  • Power
  • 4-20mA signals
  • Video
  • Signals from other devices with SNMP protocol
  • Virtual Devices (snmp. modbus, ping...)
  • and more ...
  • Email
  • sms
  • mms
  • SNMP Notifications
  • FTP Uploads
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Telephone or fax
  • Relays
  • Video and audio recording

Application Example:


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