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Energy Control Centers SCADA/EMS/DMS Audits

We offer this service to assess the state of Critical Systems Center Control: Performance Systems, Access, Security, Emergency Plans, Maintenance, State Applications SCADA / EMS / DMS ...


  • To identify the sensible critical areas of the System
  • To verify that the main equipment of the Energy Control Center has the levels of in agreement performance the original specifications
  • To verify that the human resources that are in charge of the configuration, administration and maintenance of the systems are enabled in the operation and maintenance of the critical areas
  • To evaluate the general state of applications SCADA, production and electrical security
  • To indeed verify that they are realised to regulate and the procedures of maintenance recommended by the manufacturers of the systems
  • To verify that the documentation of the main systems provided by the suppliers is complete and readily accessible
  • To verify that the registries of internal procedures of operation and maintenance exist.
  • To evaluate the state of support contracts and maintenance of the systems critics
  • To evaluate the trustworthiness and security of the Systems
  • To verify the existence of emergency plans


  • Identification of Area of Improvements
  • Certification of Operators
  • Qualification

Process analysis

  • Identification of the Processes
  • Identification of Breaches
  • Revision of Procedures and Registries

Analysis of vulnerability and risks

  • Physical Security
  • Networks Security
  • Backup Systems
  • Auxiliary services


  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Use of Resources
  • Conformity ISO 17799, TIA-942, NERC 1200/CIP, ISO 9001


  • Preventive/Predictive
  • Corrective
  • NMS Supervision

Emergency Plans

  • Systems Recovery
  • Backups
  • Alternate control center

SCADA/EMS/DMS/DTS applications status

  • Communications and Data Acquisition
  • State Estimator
  • SCADA Applications
  • Historian
  • Energy Accountin
  • Control of Generación (AGC)
  • Production Planning (STLF, RS)
  • Security Applications (DLF, OPF, CA)